This beautiful Southwestern Heirloom Christmas Ornament is handmade from polymer clay millefiori canes.  Various canes are laid out in a beautiful double mandala pattern that creates a decorative stripe and then filled with faux amber and turquoise.  This unique piece of holiday art is sculpted by hand, hand-sanded, and buffed to a glass-like sheen. It's a one of a kind design made exclusively by Deb Hart. 
* 2 x 1 1/2"
* Materials used: Kato Polyclay 
Each of Deb Hart's heirloom quality Christmas Ornaments are little works of art. Millefiori canes are sculpted from different colored polymer clay to produce the intricate images in the patterns on each egg. The process can take from 2 hrs to 24 or more hours depending on the complexity of each cane design. The canes used I created by the artist alone. Each one is created by hand, so no two will ever be the same. The colors are vibrant and have been hand sanded and buffed to produced a wonderful shine.

Heirloom Christmas Ornament - Turquoise/Amber



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