This petite Native American inspired bear fetish pendant is custom made from polymer clay in a faux stone technique.  Embellished with unique millefiori cane designs, this is one of a kind piece of wearable art jewelry. The piece has a small loop on the top and comes with a simple 18" silver chain.


* Polymer clay pendant: 1 3/4 x 1/2 x 1" + 1/4" metal loop

* Materials used: Kato Polyclay


Every piece of custom polymer clay art I create is one of a kind. The millefiori canes are sculpted from different colored clay to produce the intricate image in each cane. The process can take from 2 hrs to 24 or more hours for each cane depending on the complexity of the cane design. The canes are all of my own unique, original design. Each lot of canes is created by hand, so no two lots will ever be the same. 


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Note on Payment & Shipping: This item is shipped in a cotton lined gift box. My location is in the boondocks, so I drive to the post office (USPS) and ship twice a week. Items generally get to the post office in 1-5 days and take 3-9 days to arrive. The shipping costs include packaging, gas, travel time, etc.

Small Black Marble Bear Pendant



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