Caned Heart Owls

My little owls came about by accident rather than intent.  I had some teardrop shaped forms made for pendants and some left over canes from making one of my complex owl canes.  They were sitting together on my work bench and I just starting playing in one of those "ah ha!" moments. This is a 1-3 day workshop. In the 1 day workshop we'll build the owl base, create a custom bail, and make a feather cane.  Other canes will be demoed and provided for you to use to finish your owl.  In the 2 day class, we learn 4 additional canes - the shape-shifting, a border cane, and two teardrop canes.  You also learn how to add border cane elements to canes for added detail.  Eye canes will be provided. In the 3 day class, we learn how to make an owl eye cane and how to embellish it with a border cane element. Though I have several different owl designs available in tutorials - or in live workshops if you desire, the heart owl is exclusive to live workshops. This class includes an over 60 page comprehensive tutorial with instructions for all canes, the bail, and sculpting the owl base and owl!



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