After working for several years at CraftArtEdu, I've become very fond of the slideshow format of teaching polymer clay techniques.  The slides offer a condensed explanation in text, more detailed explanation in the narration, and large color photos that come in close to show the detail of the technique being explained.  Once CraftArtEdu closed, I felt like it was important to continue teaching and have put together new classes and new sites to continue to educate students in the polymer arts!  The classes listed below are just the beginning of the classes offered on my new site on Yondo.  I've changed my class layout to benefit my students.  Since I use the same canes in different ways in several different classes, I've decided that it's more cost effective for my students to buy the cane classes just once and I provide charts for the cane color variations to substitute in the original class.  If may be a bit less convenient, but by setting up my classes in this manner, I save time and can pass that along to my students as additional cost savings.


To open the class page for the classes below, click on the price. You can also find free classes at the following locations!  Be sure to give them a follow!




Simple Leaf Cane.001.jpeg


This is a very simple cane that I use in various ways in many of my projects.  Learn to blend custom color, create a basic Skinner blend, and turn that blend into a leaf cane.  PLUS this class is free!  Give it a try today!

Simple Petal Cane.001.jpeg


This is another very simple cane that you can find in use in many of my designs.  Learn to blend custom color, create a basic Skinner blend, and turn that blend into a petal cane.  PLUS this class is also free!  Give it a try today!

Southwestern Triangle Border Cane.001.jpeg


This is one of my favorite border canes!  If you're looking for an easy border cane to add some southwestern pizzazz to your polymer art, you'll want to give this a try!  Learn how to make some easy custom color blends and turn a simple bullseye cane into this fantastic border cane using a clay extruder!  

Complex Feather Cane.001.jpeg


Feather canes are a core cane to many of my polymer designs.  In this class, you'll learn how to embellish a basic feather cane with elements that add other canes into the feather cane design.  The canes used in this design are a border cane - any one you may wish to use from my classes or other artists border canes - and the leaf cane from my free simple leaf cane class.  Feel free to substitute any other cane for the leaf cane in the class - making this cane your own is half the fun!

Totem Box Forms.001.jpeg


I'll be using these forms in various classes in the upcoming year. These boxes are meant to be decorated and stacked to create unique totems! The first class using these forms was a fun Native American headdress on CraftArtEdu.  The CraftArtEdu class is no longer available, but I will gradually be adding all my revised classes to this site using my new format.  You can find my Morning Singer Totem design taught on PCA2018.**  

**The class on PCA2018 contains only the design per exclusivity agreements with the site. If you purchase the class through the link above, I provide the additional classes for free as my thank you!