Custom Tiles are wonderful artistic home decor - plus they make great gifts!  In this class, we'll start by creating a polymer clay tile base that you can hang on the wall or frame.  I'll then show you how to lay out mandala like designs using a variety of polymer clay canes and Skinner blends. The final step will be adding, texturing, and antiquing the faux stone 'background' to the canes. The class can be either one or two days.  In the one day class, we'll make the tile base and show a few simple canes to decorate and finish your tile - or you can use canes you bring with you.  More canes will be available for those who want to further embellish their tiles - some free and some for sale.  In the two day class, we'll start the first day with more canes and more complex canes, including feathers and a sunburst cane.  Both classes include the full handout with detailed instructions on all the canes, sculpting, and finishing so you can feel confident to have the knowledge to not only finish your tile at your pace, but repeat the technique without wondering what you've forgotten.



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