Complex Tiered Inro

Inros are a great challenge! The inro in this class has multiple hidden stacked layers - a fun design technique that you can also use in making custom boxes. The class can be either one or two days. In the one day class, we'll start by creating a polymer clay inro base. The base can be 2, 3 or 4 piece depending on class time and the participants skill level.  While the inro base is curing in the multiple steps, we'll create one or two canes to use in decorating the inro.  After the base inro form is completed, I'll show how to create various different borders and veneers from the canes which we will use to cover and complete the inro. In the two day class, we'll spend the first day creating the custom border block cane and several additional canes as time permits.  The second day, we'll build the inro form, finish up any canes, and decorate the inro. Creating the different ojimes beads and tassel for the inro will be demoed at the end or either the one or two day class as time permits.  Both classes include the very detailed 75 page handout with instructions on all the canes, sculpting, and finishing so you can feel confident to have the knowledge to not only finish your inro at your pace, but repeat the technique without wondering what you've forgotten.



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