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Im trying to update from 16.10 to 17.04. I have done it in the past with no problem, but it's taking longer than usual now that I have a dual-boot setup. How can I find out why my system is going on and off its uefi-boot and how can I solve it? kamel__: please read the factoid for the ubuntu live media. if that cant get you a running system then there is a chance that you will need a other live system to install it Okei kamel__: so you know what a live system is and what it can and can not do? Its not booting its getting stuck on the logo screen kamel__: and it doesnt get to the desktop? Okei I go to recovery mode kamel__: so what is the issue right now? There is no Desktop what is on your screen? My laptop I got ubuntu with Ubuntu or Android or windows I click on Ubuntu and It says what I got it on the screen kamel__: please explain what you see exactly. On the screen I got Ubuntu or Android or Windows On the top of the screen And Ubuntu and The blue is better than the red Okei I got it Its the Ubuntu logo with the text Red text i've no idea, what was the output of your dd command? of my my external harddrive nevermind Windows or Linux Okay windows which red text? On the top



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Batman Arkham City Password For Encrypted File (Latest)

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