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​​​​​​​​New Anime Face Cane Class

My first face cane class - the Anime Face Cane - in now available on ETSY in a photo-filled 41 page booklet. It includes detailed instruction on how to make a beautiful eye cane with long lashes. The patterns for the eye cane include 3 different eye brow styles. Also included are the pictured anime nose and mouth canes, instruction on how to combine the canes into a face and how to reduce the oval shaped face cane.

Anime Faces are known for the big beautiful eyes and small nose and mouth. This face is based on those proportions, though there is also a pattern based on more normal proportions. I will be adding future face canes with different patterns for eyes, nose and mouth that you can mix and combine with the patterns in this class along with future classes with varying techniques to use your face canes!

The class is $25, but you can use the promotion NEWYEAR18 for 40% off any $25 purchase through February 1.




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