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Celebrating Mother Earth

It's hard some days looking at the news and social media. Between the fires, floods, hurricanes, droughts, and the pandemic, it feels like Mother Earth is screaming at us to stop and be the guardians to this planet that we need to be. Plus I wanted to express how this should unify all of us through the need to care for this planet as our obligation to our children and our progeny. So I've designed a large series of different face canes with different facial coloring and different styles to symbolize the children of this planet. I've made two of the canes so far, but have many more on the way.

The first cane I made over a year ago. I styled it after anime cartoons with large eyes compared to the nose and mouth, though the tutorial for the cane also shows how to assemble the facial components to be more anatomically correct. You can find the tutorial HERE.

The second cane I made live in Facebook in my new group, Clay Up⬆️. The cane was made in a series of videos that you can find under the FB Live topic when you join the group. And you can purchase and download the pattern I used for the cane HERE.

Now that I had two different canes, I started experimenting with designs. I used feathers and leaves and other canes images from nature to surround the faces, sometimes creating a headdress and other times giving a more tribal feeling. Here are a few of my first goddesses.

My next step was to share the fun with my followers. So I sat down in front of the pasta machine and

started photographing the process of making a goddess for a tutorial. I added several fun new canes along the way. I included a border cane, leaf cane, and feather cane. It also has a fun Ikat feather cane that gives a soft almost fur like quality, a 'party' cane with fun little dots and accents that almost look like leopard spots in the finished piece, and a new double blended art deco cane that uses a creative spin on what happens when you blend a blend. I decided I need to explore this double blending idea a bit more in future canes! Do you sound intrigued? You can find the tutorial HERE.

And my final task was to create kits for people who don't love to make canes. They contain all the canes needed to make at least one pin, plus a cured slice of face cane and a pin back. All the purchaser needs is black clay (or whatever they want to use as a background) and several very small white cured clay balls. They come in several colors with your choice of face cane styles. In addition, I put together a video for anyone who purchases with complete instructions on assembling the pin! You can find goddess pin kits HERE. You can find a preview of the video below!